16oz. / $7
The nutrients have been "liberated" and are easily absorbed as a pure superfood fuel.

Glowin' Green
cleansing & alkalizing

Radiant Red
anti-oxidant, liver protector

Optimistic Orange
healthy skin, hair, & eyes


16oz. / $7
Satisfying and delicious, in addition to being filled with healthy vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

The Green Guru
energizing & alkalizing

Ganges Sunset
warming & grounding

Golden Buddha
digestion, electrolytes

Açai Amazon Energy
calcium, anti-oxidants

Cayenne Cocoa Mama
anti-oxidant, speeds metabolism

Blueberry Bliss
anti-oxidant, protein, calcium

Minty Grasshopper
aids digestion, clears congestion

Lucky Clover
fiber, Vitamins A, C, & K

Beachy Berry
anti-oxidant, folic acid, potassium


1 oz. $2.5 | 2 oz. $4
Intense and undiluted nutrition.

calcium, anti-oxidants

calcium, anti-oxidants

calcium, anti-oxidants


Hemp Protein Powder 0.25/scoop | Water $1 | Kombucha $4 | Energy Drink $3 | Assorted Health Bars $2 | Billy Bars $3 | Fresh Fruit $1 | Yoga Bliss Water Bottle $15

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