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Sweetly invited by my neighbor and workout partner, I first walked into a yoga class in 2014 expecting to expand my daily exercise practice by trying something different, but really just wanted to get back to squatting, lunging and crunching and doing what I knew helped to keep my body physically fit. I walked out of that first yoga class with an immediate love for something new. Hot power was physically demanding, however, the introduction to MY SPIRIT and MY SOUL that happened that day changed my life. My training was a one year profound experience based on Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga led by Amanda Fulmer, YogaStrong, Canton, Ohio. The focus was form and fundamentals, action, alignment and assisting and deep self study and immersion of the ethical practices of the Yamas and the Niyamas.

My style is sweet vinyasa, a flow focused with a soulful intention anywhere from beginners to power. I love a hands on class, offering assists, adjustments and massages with Sombra lotion.   My inspirations happen all the time. Every time I find myself in a soulful yoga class and have a teacher that has done something that brings tears to my eyes or fills my heart with so much love and excitement I want to burst, I take a second and thank God.  I am also inspired by my life long love and my beautiful children. They have encouraged me and shown so much patience, love and pride throughout my intricate yoga journey. My favorite teachers are....ahhh, so many Amanda Fulmer, Alisha Leytem, Sarah Clark, Pattie Wagner, Serenity Messner, Gretchen Horinger and Virginia Comignaghi.  My favorite pose is Ardha Chandrasana, Half Moon. This pose reduces anxiety and stress, improves digestion, balance and coordination. It strengthens your ankles, knees, legs, abs, tush and spine while opening your chest and shoulders. Most importantly for me it helps teach me the journey is more important for self awareness and self acceptance then “nailing” a yoga pose for my ego. My passions are reading, beach time, and learning.